Parents & Friends


Mount Waverley Primary School (MWPS) has a very active group of parents that make up a committee known as Parents & Friends (P&F). They are the fundraising and community parent & teacher group within the school.

The P&F has two main aims:

  1. To support MWPS objectives regarding education and student welfare through fundraising.
  2. To increase family and community involvement in the school by social and fundraising Events, and by welcoming and supporting members and their input.

Every parent/guardian of an MWPS student is automatically a member of MWPS P&F Committee. There’s no joining fee. The P&F Committee consists of some elected personnel to the positions of:

  •  Chairperson
  • Assistant Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Parent Class Representatives Co-ordinator

There are many other parents who attend P&F Committee meetings to share their ideas and viewpoints with other people, or just to see what is involved and if there is any way they can help. There are even a few teachers who regularly attend meetings, so as to add different suggestions, viewpoints and ideas..

 Their fundraising efforts are focussed on outfitting school facilities with additional learning aids and equipment, in order to give our children the best possible education and start in life. In the past few years they have raised money to fund:

Senior Learning Centre air conditioning

  • Returfing and watering system for the oval
  • Electronic Whiteboards in all classrooms
  • New borrowing
  • software for the library.

You don’t have to hold a P&F Committee position to attend meetings.

The current P&F Committee would love you to attend some of their meetings throughout the year. They don’t bite, achieve lots and have a laugh or two as well.


Parent Class Representatives (PCR) is a branch of P&F that links the parent community to the classroom.

Each class will ideally have 2 PCRs.  PCRs assist other parents, organise get togethers of class parents, help teachers, provide and/or organise parent assistance in the classroom and assist with the communication process between teachers, parents, P&F, and the 2013 Family Fun Day committee.

The Parent Class Representatives are required to…..

  • For Junior School parents – At least 3 days per week collect their child from within the grounds of MWPS and network and chat with their fellow class parents.
  • For all Parent Class Representatives
  • need to update their fellow class parents via email on a regular basis
  • attend two Parent Class Representatives’ meetings per term (on the Wednesday morning of the P&F meetings).

Parents and Friends committee positions:

  1. Chairperson: Clint Hair
  2. Treasurer:  Joei Xu
  3. Secretary: Lisa Lucarelli / Tania Bateman
  4. Parent Class Rep Co-ordinator: Emily Johnston
  5. Incoming Mail Collector: Sue Batten