Year 3

The Middle School’s Library Excursion

On Thursday 23 April, 3A and 3B visited the Monash Library’s Mount Waverley Branch.  We were introduced to some of the facilities of the Library by Eileen, one of the Librarians. She took us to the Historical Societies room upstairs. There were lots of old books, trophies, photos and other artefacts on display that celebrated the history of the suburb of Mount Waverley.  However, we were more excited to learn that the room was used to run Minecraft workshops during the school holidays.

Later we wrote haiku poems. Haiku poems originated in Japan and consist of three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables and the third line has five syllables.

We also received our library cards and were able to borrow some books, CDs and DVDs. We discovered that you can borrow thirty items at a time for up to twenty-eight days.

It was an exciting chance to explore the local public library.



We love reading books.

Books are educational.

Books entertain us.

On Tuesday the 21st of April, 3D students took part in an activity all about symmetry. I had taken a photo of their face and had cut it in half for the students. They only received half of their face and were then required to draw the other half. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and great discussions come about on our unit of symmetry.


In 3D this week we have been looking at a Healthy Mind and Body. Our topic was as follows:

When I am in a situation which makes me feel nervous, worried or stressed MY BODY can act in unusual ways…

As a class we brainstormed different ideas of how our body reacts to situations we don’t feel comfortable in. We came up with a great list. Some of 3D’s ideas were as follows:

  •  Feel sick
  • Butterflies in my tummyIMG_7061
  • goosebumps
  • I starting biting my lips
  • I bite my nails
  • Dry Mouth
  • Sweaty palms
  • I fidget
  • My legs start to shake
  • I get an itchy body

These are some of our ideas.

The students displayed their ideas on a body map 🙂


Year 3 at Camp Rumbug

The Year 3 students attended Camp Rumbug from Monday October 13th – Wednesday October 15th. They participated in a range of outdoor activities including Canoeing, Giant Swing, Adventure Bridge, Ropes Course, Initiatives Course and Fitness Trail. All students displayed excellent team work and co-operation skills and participated in activities enthusiastically. It was great to see them pushing outside their comfort zone and trying new things!

Our mini games to celebrate the Commonwealth Games

Mini Games