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Prep E’s rhyming book
Danger  a fun rhyming book


Prep C’s adventures

Thank you for all the empty tissue boxes. This week we used them to make cars. We learnt how to cover a box and then we decorated the boxes, adding lots of interesting details such as flames and lightning bolts. After that we had to work out how to attach the wheels and axles. We used straws, skewers and wheels. When they were completed we had some races on the ramp outside the Prep Area. It was rather exciting and lots of fun.

Box Cars on PhotoPeach


We have been learning some shape, colour and rice ball songs in our Japanese sessions. Would you like to hear us sing? These videos were done on a day when we had 8 of our children away! So it is only a little class.


girls omusubikororin rolling riceball roleplay 20140826 145857 from mwps on Vimeo.

boys omusubikororin rolling riceball 20140826 150300 from mwps on Vimeo.