Middle School

Middle School


In the Middle School, the emphasis is on extending literacy and numeracy skills. Classes are structured with a two-hour literacy block and a one–hour numeracy block. There are opportunities for the development of creativity and ICT skills. The continuing development of Thinking Skills forms a valuable part of the curriculum.

In Reading, students begin to respond to information, ideas and beliefs from contexts beyond their immediate experience. Reading is developed in numerous ways, including the use of literacy groups, serial stories, independent silent reading, home reading and an extensive variety of language activities. The children are encouraged to take responsibility for their reading and their choices of meaningful literature.

They are provided with opportunities to extend their writing skills in a variety of genres including reports, snapshots, recounts and narratives. Speaking and listening skills are extended through both formal and informal situations.

In Maths, the children are introduced to more formal concepts. An emphasis is placed on linking maths to real life situations and exploring problem solving strategies. Games are utilised as a way of exploring and reflecting on maths ideas in all strands. At this level focuses in number centre on fractions/ decimals, the four processes and place value. They also begin to study the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and location strategies and concepts. Measurement knowledge is related to the understanding of formal units.

Students are also expected to achieve standards in Science, the Humanities, Thinking Processes, Design, Creativity and Technology, Personal Learning, and Civics and Citizenship.

In Term 1, Level 4 children attend Camp Oasis, an adventure based camp. Level 3 children attend Camp Rumbug, also an adventure based camp in Term 4.

Integrated Studies units are based on the AusVELS curriculum and cover a selection of topics, rotating over a two year cycle.
They are:
Multi-culturalism (Festivals and Celebrations)
Think It, Make It, Market It
Healthy Living
Changing Matter
Drug Education
Sustaining our Natural World
Health: The Big Picture
Indigenous Australians

These units feature relevant excursion and incursions.

Homework is an important part of the Middle School program. The purpose of homework is to reinforce concepts taught in class; to encourage development of appropriate research skills and recording techniques; and to encourage the development of a regular commitment to further study out of school hours. Every second week the children in the Middle School complete a homework grid where children are given a choice of tasks which they negotiate with their parents.

ICT skills are developed through a range of activities including Digital Stories, 60 Second Science, Mathletics, Wikis, Reading Eggs and Blogs. All these programs are integrated into the Literacy and Numeracy curriculum in Middle School.