Junior School

In the Junior School, our curriculum focuses on developing knowledge and skills in literacy and numeracy. Our students also begin to organise their ideas and develop skills to work effectively with others.
Early Years Literacy Program:
• Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening, occur daily in all classrooms through our Literacy sessions
• Guided Reading and Writing sessions conducted by the class teacher, cater for students’ individual needs
• Parents are encouraged to assist in our classrooms with a range of activities.
• Students in Year 1 requiring additional assistance in Reading and Writing may participate in the Reading Recovery Program
Early Years Numeracy Program
• Understanding and skills are further developed with computations, place value, counting, measuring, spatial awareness and collecting and interpreting data
• An emphasis on “hands-on” activities utilising a broad range of resources ensures that learning is meaningful and allows for thorough understanding of concepts
Integrated Studies Units, which rotate during a two year cycle, cover the areas of Science, Health, Civics and Citizenship, History and Technology. These units feature relevant excursions and in-school activities.
Thinking Skills and Problem-solving activities are essential features of our curriculum.
ICT is embedded across all areas of the curriculum.