The aim of the Mount Waverley Primary School’s Prep Program is to make each child’s first year at school stimulating, successful and enjoyable. We believe that unless a child feels secure and happy in his/her environment, effective learning will not take place.
Beginning school is about making new friends, learning to co-operate and acquiring new skills. It involves both home and school, working closely together, to provide a stable and caring background against which each child can grow and develop initiative and independence.
Teachers and parents share the responsibility to provide an environment where children can grow and develop to reach their highest potential.
Learning is a developmental process and the children in our care are encouraged to develop in their own ways and at their own rate. Their thoughts and ideas are valued and we work on developing their learning by building on what they already know.
The Australian Victorian Essential Learning Curriculum (AusVELS) describes the content that is taught at this level and the common achievement standards that students are working towards. The school curriculum is divided into 7 main learning components for Prep (Foundation Level).  These components are; The Arts, English (Language, Literature and Literacy), Health and P.E, History, Interpersonal Development, Mathematics (Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability) and Science.
The curriculum for Prep students emphasises the development of literacy and numeracy skills. Our teaching programs focus on the achievement of specific learning outcomes within each of these levels. Whilst some of these outcomes will be achieved through specific subject allocations, many others will be covered through an integrated approach to teaching.
These are the Integrated Units in the Prep Program, all of which include relevant excursions and incursions:

  • ‘A Happy Healthy Me’ – Students explore their role at school, how to stay healthy and people who help us.
  • ‘Is It Alive?’ – Students explore the characteristics and requirements of living and non-living things in their local environment and in under water habitats.
  • ‘Personal History’ – Students explore their role within the family and their family’s history.
  • ‘Toys’ – Students explore the properties of energy through toys.

In conjunction with the classroom program, students participate in the following specialist programs; Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, L.O.T.E (Japanese), I.C.T. and Library.
All Prep students are involved in a buddy program with the Year Five students. Each Prep class is paired up with a Year Five class. These buddy groups form special friendships and meet and complete activities together in the classroom and out in the playground. This program has proved to be beneficial to all students involved.
Our approach encourages all children to take responsibility for their own learning. We are committed to ensuring that Mount Waverley Primary School is a safe and caring environment; one that nurtures mutual respect and trust and consolidates cooperative working habits and attitudes.