The school’s vision is to empower its students to enable them to become successful citizens in our rapidly changing world. Our aim is for students to be socially competent and independent learners. These goals will be achieved through presenting a challenging learning program which caters for individual differences and engages students whilst maximising their potential.

Our school has a reputation for its positive, caring environment which promotes and celebrates the pursuit of excellence. We have a highly motivated, professional and caring staff who put the needs of the students first by planning and implementing quality learning and teaching programs. The Australian Curriculum in Victoria (AusVELS) provide the basis for teacher planning with Literacy and Numeracy given special emphasis within the school’s integrated curriculum.

Our curriculum planning is based upon the understandings of our students; their development, needs, talents, interests and ways they learn best. Students respond to our high expectations by working effectively with others, making decisions about their learning and expressing themselves in creative ways.
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