Mt Waverley Primary School Staff 2014

Principal: Greg Paine
Assistant Principals: Chris Parker and Danielle Bonacci

Class Teachers

Year 6:   Loretta Leary, Chris Low,Brad Rooks, Millie Chalmers
Year 5: Symone Tonkin, Courtney Chan, Wendy Ball, Cecille Caglicubukcu
Year 4: Erin Harman, Tom Boyle, Megan Scane, Sheree HAck
Year 3/4: Lisa Ager
Year 3: Chris Parker, Giulia Bulled, Christina Karouzakis, Nick Barraclough
Year 2: Jo Miles, Ellen Combe, Robyn Knight, Sharen Same, Natasha Gangell
Year 1: Leigh Woods, Pam Winston, Leasyl Richards, Allison Willcox
Prep: Sraah Orme, Kate Orr, DAnielle Peters, Elise Kelly, Danielle Bonacci, Ingrid Noblett, Danielle Peters

portraits 032
Library: Jacqueline Griffeth and Amanda Newcombe
ICT: Jen Dynan and Julie Taylor
Music: James Macaulay and Ellen Beilin
Art: Katrina Weaver, Ellen Beilin and Amanda Newcombe
PE: Cassie Kemp, Melissa Ptantzos and Merryn Ashcroft
LOTE: Ayako Kumakura and Charles Addison
EAL: Debbi Baileys
Reading Recovery: Sue Kannegeisser

Office Staff
Christine Priddle
Wendy Sims
Nicole Piccioli
Lynn Norman

Integration Aides

Sue Pugliese
Elizabeth Beyer